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  • The Persistent Pensioner

This Government actually did us some good....


I have just been on messenger talking to a fabulous 1950.s woman poet called Bev McGregor who I have recently discovered and it occurred to me that we should all reflect on the positive of this situation for a moment.

As we wait for the result of the Judicial Review in the next few days, I’m sure that we will all have differing opinions on what should and could happen and I worry for those who are depending on it completely.

I have spoken to and got to know many 1950’s women during my campaigning, as have we all. Some have broken my heart with their stories. Some have made me laugh out loud. Some have made me respect their knowledge and persistence. Some I only know through Facebook and have yet to meet, but through this I have discovered one thing.

These women are awesome!

They have overcome their heartache, anger and despair at the unfairness of their lives and they have taken action, in whatever form, be it keyboards warrior, street campaigner, poet, music producer, drama producer, writer like myself, protest coordinator, campaign organiser, motivator or stunt puller!

I started off shocked and angry and feeling useless when I found out my pension had been stolen at the age of 59. Now I look at all these amazing women that I feel I can call friends with admiration and the deepest respect for all the women who have risen up to fight for their rights and those of their sisters.

Where I felt alone, I have now been empowered by the coming together of all these wonderful women and even if we don’t get the justice we deserve, which I’m sure we must, I would like to say it has been an immense privilege to have stood beside women that make me proud to be part of their generation.

I will be standing silently at the courts in honour of all the women who have passed on during the fight and all the women who have fought across the country in whatever way they can. They are my friends, my sisters. Their pain is mine and hopefully their joy will be also.

Most of all they are warriors who stood up to be counted against the odds and made life very uncomfortable for this despicable government and those before who despised us as an easy target. They are kicking themselves now, for we have started a tide of indignity about the theft of all our pensions and the rape of the National Insurance Fund that will be hard to shut down.

We have made a difference... Whatever the result!

So 1950’s ...Deep breath, heads up on Thursday 3rd October and lets show them how it feels to have the scrutiny of women who know their false games. Who have challenged them and not backed down. Let’s stand on that road opposite the courts and look right into their tarnished souls until they hang their heads in shame.

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