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PONDLIFE... Apparently that's us



As I do, I was yesterday talking politics with a dear and extremely clever younger friend of mine in her fortieth year, who is completely clued up on the current ageist propaganda being spewed by the government and not falling for it one bit!.

During the course of the conversation, she mentioned a book which she had read some years ago , that was somewhat of a ‘whistle blowing’ genre called, she thought, ‘City Boys’. Whilst she may be wrong on the title she remembered one thing very clearly...That the author had worked in the London stock-markets and predicted the crash and the reasons for it and for this reason he was shunned by his peers. I haven’t been able to get her words out of my head.

She explained in the book, that the ‘City Boys’ Describe us, (the general working population) as ‘PONDLIFE’. Bottom feeders who scrabble about in the ‘shit’ at the bottom. Whilst we are scrabbling about, we release nutrients in gases that float to the surface (Money). They, the upper class and wealthy, skim all the goodness off the top and leave us to feed of the scraps that fall back to the bottom. Everything is taken off the top by these ‘Pond Skimmers’ and the rest of the pondlife is left with very little. Yet we remain working to survive and rarely swimming to the surface for a better life and that is just how they like it. We are not people. We are just the means to an end.

The words they used are completely symbolic of the arrogance of what is going on to an even greater scale today in society and particularly with this current government. They simply don’t care… Instead they are seizing the opportunity to line their own pockets while they can, at the cost to the country and society as a whole. To them we are ‘Pondlife’ designed to be used to create wealth for them with no two way return.

As a Pensionless Pensioner, I see this very clearly now. There are very few wealthy politicians who have a real empathy with the people they are in place to represent. Choose wisely when the time comes to vote, this country is teetering of the verge of a capitalist dictatorship, riding on the back of nationalism and the corruption is being rubbed in our faces because they don’t care if we know. They believe us stupid enough and so easily duped by the outright lies and rhetoric they spew in the name of a ‘Great Britain’.

They believe they will control us and we will submit without a fight. Make no mistake, these guys are in it for themselves, first and foremost. The British people have to stand up en mass and cry ‘Enough!’

I for one will be found in Manchester at Media City on Saturday 2pm to 5pm doing my little bit, with a lot of clued up and angry 1950’s women and their supporters. Its starts at 1.50pm on the Piazza. Get your banner and get out there. NOTHING BEGETS NOTHING. Show your self belief and make a stand before its too late.

Dee Wild – The Persistent Pensioner

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