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  • The Persistent Pensioner

Ode to a Wasp (on a theme of Jenny Joseph)

When I am old I will wear purple

With a lilac sash that falls off my shoulders and drives me to tears

and I’ll wait for my pension for up to six years

and say we’ve no money for sausages, or shopping at all

and feel quite sad and invisible, cheated, ignored

So I’ll sit down on pavements, wave my purple umbrella,

and at a time I should crochet. I’ll go on a demo

and gobble up samples in shops cos I’m hungry

Tie my banners to Westminster railings on Mondays

and get punished and laughed at for speaking my truth

Making up, best I can, for the sobriety of youth

Where I believed society in Britain was fair

That we all pulled together and corruption was rare

Wearing naff slogan-ed t shirts, I use the ‘f word’a lot

The call goes out and off to protest I trot

but I’m not old said I.. the government told me..

but they left it too late and I’m here

I’m here with no pension, no credit, just pride

Anger and fear bubbling quietly inside

I may never wear satin gloves as I’d hoped

I may never again buy a new winter coat

So I’m setting an example to you young ones right now

Practice now and stand up, so it won’t be a shock

When you're old and are shafted

and wear purple a lot!

The Persistent Pensioner 2019

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