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IN THE EVENT OF MY DEATH or tea and biscuits..

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Dee Wild From a chance visit to docs this week, I found my blood pressure nearly off the scale. Always been healthy in that respect so it was a shock, but I firmly believe the stress from the lack of a pension and its consequences in physical and financial hardship combined with the constant anger I have felt fighting this actively for the last two years, is the cause. If I pop my clogs through a heart attack or stroke in the near future, I will lay the blame directly at this abomination of a governments door! This is not a cry for sympathy, its a direct accusation I want recorded in the media.

I am generally an even type of person, but I am also determined and it is this very determination that could likely be my downfall. I protest, I support others in their fight and I spread the word far and wide so that hopefully others following me will realise the jeopardy we are placing ourselves and our children in by not standing up to the current ongoing injustice and corruption. This constant activity and locking horns with a self interested and uncaring government and MP's (who in my particular constituency and incidentally conservative, does not give a flying....) all take a toll.

I am resilient, I've had to be all my life, but I do worry for those who have not my confidence and who have been worn down by this constant fight for the pension that is their right over the last five years. I personally found out two years ago and its affects on me are already showing. I could almost swallow this bitter pensions pill if there were sound economic reasons for six years of my pension being taken without notice from me, but lets face it, its baloney...

Just under 400 billion taken systematically from the National Insurance Fund in 24 years. Taken to where you might ask? Perhaps to the national debt as they have stated. What is the national debt anyway? The bit that's left to pay after we have wasted everything else on let me see.. 3 million pounds for Palace of Westminster Biscuit fund for one year? Yet another rise on MPs already obscene basic wage as they quote austerity at all us plebs and then go off on an all expenses paid lunch. All this whilst the homeless freeze in the streets?

We now hear they are planning to seize 100's of billions from unpaid pension pots and inheritances to set up some lottery scheme? and in the next breath state there is no money to put right what they have done to us pension wise? Really? In comparison to the figures quoted in this latest idea we are but a financial drop in that ocean and they are talking hundreds of billions.. from unpaid pension pots.

Each week I watch mainly opposition MPs relentlessly question the plight and injustice of the WASPI/ 1950's women daily and be ignored, or worst still, I watch whilst carefully worded responses that clearly misrepresent the actual truth, are given. Teresa May I include in this as one of the worst culprits, recently stating yet again that 'no women has had their pension age raised more than 18 months', which would be an outright lie had she not slipped in the words 'In accordance with the 1995 changes' and we all know what that means don't we?

2013 was the first 'official' notice for my age group of those 1995 changes and the following ones in 2011.. or would have been if I had been one of the very few to receive a letter. That still then would have only given me five years to prepare for the loss of almost £51,000. That's £10,000 a year surplus earnings needed to fill the financial hell hole this government and its self interested predecessors have created for me and 3.8 million others. When in actual fact I only found out by chance from the internet and WASPI in 2017 of the spa raise to 66 years. Governments own documents cite these failures to communicate, despite the hogwash about a so called media campaign, which they also have yet prove.

To put the 'Media Campaign' idea into perspective.. In 1995 I was very excited by the arrival of a fax machine that printed on a role of paper, for my business. It was the height of technology at the time... What media are we actually talking about?

The 6 o'clock news whilst I was bathing my children maybe or perhaps the 10'o clock news when I had fallen as a single parent, exhausted into bed in readiness to work one of my three jobs the next day. The radio perhaps ? nope.. that might have actually reached us had they advertised on Radio 1. Perhaps the leaflet that they didn't advertise, that you could only get if you requested it (Yes I'm serious) and if they didn't advertise it , how could you know?

Oh!.. but what about the small paragraph in the financial times you say? How silly of me to not buy it!

No facebook or social media then. No email capacity even, in those days. That's why young people find it hard to believe this was done to us by stealth. In their world we get news, fake news, crap news, but definitely not NO NEWS. We know within minutes nowadays on facebook when someone has had a row with their neighbour in Kirkcaldy before even the front door slams and that's why its hard for the thirty somethings to comprehend this.

So, to end.. A year of 'possible but unlikely notice' for every ten points my blood pressure is currently above normal!.. So I reiterate.. I lay the blame for my demise, should it occur soon, directly at the feet of Teresa May, Ian Duncan Smith, Amber Rudd and Guy Opperman and anyone one else in this motley crew that has colluded in the theft of the welfare and retirement funds of a generation of women who were already discriminated against.

I wish the state to cremate me ( as I won't be able to afford my own funeral) and I ask that some of my ashes be scattered over the Cabinets biscuit trolley. That way I can have the pleasure of saying to them just once..eat my dust!!

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