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Half truths designed to deceive are lies. What really happened to the 1950's womens pensions..

Updated: May 13, 2019

A beginners guide for those women and men seeking truth and justice.

I'll list it chronologically

The 1995 Pensions Act made provision to take women's pension age from 60 to 65 between 2010 and 2020

In 2011 then set out an acceleration to the previous changes so that it then reached 65 by 2018

It also then stared to rise to 66 by 2020 (for some of us, three rises)

There was such surge of opposition to it from various sources the time, that they made concessions on this last rise. In short, that there would be no rise above eighteen months on top of existing rises, Most of us 1950's women were still in blissful ignorance of any rises at the time and unaware what was about to befall us.

When since, the govt have been challenged in Parliament on the travesty that is the SPA for 1950's women, they bring out this tired old half lie that, in conjunction with the previously scheduled changes ( and there's the trick), no women will have any more than an extra eighteen months to wait, This is a deliberate missing out that in reality, for some of us its just over 6 years total and leads joe public to believe we are shouting about a small rise . In my opinion if you tell half a tale in an attempt to mislead, then you are a LIAR


The first letters to inform women were sent in 2009 for the older age group of the 50's women. My age group (1958) were not allegedly sent DWP notice letters till between Oct 2012 and Oct 2013. That's if you were one of the few who ever received a letter. I certainly didn't, as thousands more will tell you. I have asked for proof that they actually sent me a notice letter and they cannot or will not give it. Let's face it, if they give it to one, they have to prove it to us all and that might be a little embarrassing for them and costly..

Steve Webb, ex head of DWP has backed this up with his statements in the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee 7th report 2015-2016. When he said.. and I quote his words in the report 'I am sure we missed people. So if someone says "I never got a letter" they are probably telling the truth' . For many of us this was three hikes in our pension age in less than a decade. 1950's women had been targeted and in my opinion, deliberately targeted. The methodology, or lack of it, implies that the changes were brought in by stealth. This was probably done in the hope that by the time we found out, we would be too tired mentally and physically to campaign and for many of us they assumed rightly in this.

We have lost sisters to suicide, stress related illnesses and illness brought about by work that is beyond their physical capabilities due to age, but we keep fighting on because this is possibly one of the biggest scandals in recent history and we deserve justice.

As I have said in my previous video blog 'Pushing all the wrong buttons' They didn't take account of the effects of social media and the age of IT . Our recently developed abilities to mass communicate and get the word out there made it possible so even women who were ill at home could take active part in fighting for justice.


In a March 2015 report on Communication of State Pension age changes, the Work and Pensions Select Committee concluded that “more could and should have been done” to communicate the changes and called on the Government to “explore the option of permitting a defined group of women who have been affected by state pension age changes to take early retirement, from a specified age, on an "actuarially neutral basis”

The issue has been debated in Parliament on a number of occasions and an all Party Parliamentary Group on State Pension Inequality for Women has been set up to “hold the government to account on the issue of transitional arrangements to compensate 1950s women who are affected by changes to the state pension age and to campaign on issues around the state pension age.”

In a Westminster Hall debate on 22 November 2018, Patricia Gibson referred to UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston’s comments on the impact of the changes to the pension age on a group of women born in the 1950s who had been “ill-prepared” to adjust. She called on the Government to respond to the demands from women to have “what is rightfully theirs restored to them” (HC Deb 22 November 2018 c402WH)

My Example:

I lost approximately £51.000

I have also now lost the chance to claim pension credits. (approx poss £7000 per year if eligible)

I was lucky however to have some savings which were intended to give me the retirement that I deserved and had worked hard for all my life. Those savings will be gone on survival, not enjoyment, in the six years I will have to wait. I will be left with nothing for my old age.

I had no notice but even if I had received a letter that would have given me five years to prepare for a £51.000 shortfall. I had no hope of saving £10.000 a year in five successive years and to expect women, even like me on a halfway decent wage in my later years, to do so, is farcical and an insult to our intelligence.

I will also lose the equivalent in savings. In fact all my savings! This is theft in no uncertain terms, but in reality it is so much worse than this.

The impact of this now on myself, my husband and my family is immense, in both finances and quality of life. I am lucky despite that. I'm not losing my home yet, living in my car or a phone box ( as some are). Or eating from food banks, when I have been proud and worked all my life and now in despair, as many others. This government is killing people, calculatedly and knowingly with their actions over more than two decades in 'The Rape of the National Insurance Fund'( See Tony Lynes paper of this title) It is their actions that have made the NI Fund 'unsustainable' and as with the NHS their actions are calculated and deliberate and designed to benefit the few, not the majority. This affects us all, men and women. You notice a make no mention of historic inequality. I don't think we have anything to prove there. This is a matter of public knowledge and well documented.


They will tell you the govt undertook a press campaign. Many of us have asked for the evidence, but have been sent example copies of private articles instead, often condemning the action. Non of which were in papers that we would have read at the time anyway and no announcements by the actual government in the examples I received as evidence. No appropriate radio coverage to reach us. In fact nothing that I ever saw or heard from government.

The leaflet they cite that was from the DWP - (that was not publicised and had to be requested , which made it nigh on invisible). Watch the you tube video by CELIA CLIFFORD

speaking up on behalf of the Back to 60 Campaign, particularly her comments on being a Job Centre Manager at the time of the alleged leaflet campaign.

So in effect, the first official notice (2009) the government says they sent to 1950's women was 14 years after the changes had been made (In my case 17 years) For those multitudes who didn't receive a letter like myself. Most of us found out when the WASPI and Back to 60 campaigns reached their heights. I found out at the age of 59.

Watch the videos below by Mhairi Black MP who puts it in a no nonsense fashion. I actually get emotional watching her as she speaks her truth with such passion and integrity.


There are several groups by 1950's women going to London on the 5th to protest (details and format to be advised by your own group) It doesn't matter which group you belong to - Let's all come together outside Parliament on 5th June - the first day of the Judicial Review in the High Courts brought about by Back to 60 and let them see unity in action !

Watch my blog for more details shortly.

We have lost so much, not just in terms of pension. They have taken our lives and will take more if we do not fight on..

The Persistent Pensioner 10th May 2019

Have a look at one of the most recent debates in parliament brought by Patricia Gibson MP to follow FYI

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