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90,001 dead equals 2.7 billion ?

Updated: Feb 5

90.001 = £2,700,000,000

In a week where reporters have left No 10 in protest at the staff lining of them up in corridors to decide who gets to tell the conservatives version of the truth and the ones that likely wouldn’t, being asked to leave…?

In a week where Baroness Bryant has stood up in the House of Lords on the discussion of the Pensions Bill and demanded justice for the 1950s women stating “I might imagine that Ministers blush when they talk about the importance of pensioners being able to predict their income in later life” …

Where Allan Doran MP and ex Police Inspector in his maiden speech took the opportunity to call out the government on the theft of the 1950’s women stolen pensions stating it was “...the greatest crime of the century”.

A week where Boris Banged his carefully rehearsed fist on the desk when answering a question on the proliferation of foods banks as a result of the poverty caused by successive Tory governments... as if the action is some magic wand that makes it all go away…

When a man has taken to the roof of his local DWP shouting "I am starving!"

All indicators of people waking up to the blatant injustice around them. But in all this what help for Rose? For Rose it’s too late.

For those of you on Facebook you will know that she is the latest tragedy in the crime that we know as The Great State Pension Robbery. She committed suicide in the last weeks citing the loss of her state pension and the terms and conditions of the DWP imposed upon her by having to go to the job centre. I expect that, at an age where she deserved respect and fair treatment, this for her, was the final straw.

What of the women losing their homes? Their savings,? The precious time with older partners and grandchildren. The ability to help with the care of sick and disabled relatives? Having to turn to prostitution to survive. Dragging themselves to work when ill and in pain to do a job they can no longer manage, but cannot afford to give up. The alternative of being forced into the humiliation of the ESA system too much to bear. The future they thought they had planned for? The list goes on…

All whilst Duncan Smith smirks as he prepares bend the knee to receive his Knighthood, as everything goes to plan.

Ignore them, they’ll go away...” he had said of the 1950s women. What he really meant was “Ignore them long enough and they'll die one way or another and we wont have a problem, laughing all the way to the bankers!”

But right now I am remembering Rose, and the 90,000 other 1950s women who have already died pension-less. who deserved so much better from the country they trusted.

Since Oct when Labour lost the election the number has surged rapidly and in that three months an average of 2500 women aged between 60 and 66 were lost to their families per month!

Based on an average loss of £30,000 per woman they have already saved nearly 3 billion on the 90.001 women already lost. A calculated risk perhaps in court costs to legally steal the rest as they had saved that money for legal fees already?

These are the women we are fighting for. By comparison, those of us that are left have been lucky.

EXCEPT - That I am fighting for the woman in her sixties, who right now, is homeless and living rough on a hill near Conwy, Wales, with other homeless people. She is articulate and destitute. It started with bedroom tax and finished with the theft of her pension. The community takes them food and try’s to help repair the damage the DWP has done. These are people like you and I in many cases, victims of this callous government and left to freeze and starve, but for the kindness of strangers.

I fight for justice for Rose and all the others lost ( many at the hands of this Govt's practices ) that we tied ribbons to the railings at parliament for in October 2019 and that is why I will be in London on the 11th Feb and praying my daughter doesn’t go into labour on that day, because ITS JUST THAT IMPORTANT TO FIGHT ON. (PM me for details if you wish to be there.)

It has been widely recognised now that this has been more than an injustice, It has been the cynical and planned theft of our pensions and the intended future theft of our children's and we need to take this campaign all the way. We must all keep getting the message out there and growing until we are heard by all.

I for one, fully intend to be the Tokio Rose of the Conservative party until they gain a social and moral conscience. Are you with me? Ours and our children's and grandchildren s futures depend on it.

Dee Wild – The Persistent Pensioner

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